Hampshire Garden


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“I was asked to be involved in a project in Hampshire to transform the woodland garden of a client’s woodland retreat. The wooden bungalow was set in a valley on a secluded woodland lane hidden amongst towering pines, cypresses and cedars and had fallen into disrepair. The owner decided to build a brand new sustainable house and landscape the surrounding gardens. She wanted the garden to compliment the new house and have fantastic views of the garden and forest from the house. My aim was to open up the view at the back of the house by taking away some of the large rhododendrons and creating a large oval lawn area with an infinity pool effect at the end of the lawn. The new sustainable house needed a wide and dramatic terrace and I designed large deep floating steps onto the lawn, which allowed for a gentle descent as well as a great place for friends and family to sit on. The property was on a diagonal steep and difficult slope and the client wanted us to keep the original slope of the garden and have views as you walked down to the house as well as looking up from the house to the gate. As a result I designed the  stone paddled wall to reflect the organic shape of the slope and frame the house within the land. Structural and soft planting was introduced to give seasonal colour and shape. Lighting was introduced creating a warm glow to the garden as you entered the property estate and a well-lit pathway led you down to the house as well as adding subtle lighting of the planting beds.


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